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A blog by Gareth Menagh, lead designer at Ionic Creative Design, attempting to remove some of the mystery and myth behind web design and digital marketing. While Ionic are here to assist you with any web design and digital marketing requirements you may have for your business, we also appreciate that people like to be able to make changes themselves to their websites and not be totally blindly dependant on a design company.

We also want to strip back some of the layers of websites to show you how certain elements work, how to make your website work better for you and inspire you to create better, richer content that will work for you, your company and your customers,

I hope you find some of this content useful,

Ionic Creative Design and Marketing

Gareth Menagh

Owner, Ionic Creative Design and Marketing

Google Analytics – A must for all website owners!

Google Analytics – A must for all website owners!

Google Analytics - Free insights into your customer base, understand who your customers are, what they are interested in and connect with them better. To get started - Sign in with your google account Follow the initial registration process Setup a small bit of code on...

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