I’ve got a facebook page, do I really need a website?

Simple answer:


But then I would say that wouldnt I, but in all seriousness, I get asked this A LOT!

Advantages of Facebook compared to a Website:

  • Free
  • Built in appointments and messaging system
  • Ease of use, people are already familiar with facebook’s interface

Disadvantages of Facebook compared to a Website:

  • Every facebook business page looks the same, its very hard to stand out in the market
  • Limited editing ability
  • Relies on clients and customers finding you and liking your page
  • Slow build up of customer base
  • Heavily regulated by Facebook as to what content can be posted or advertised on their platform
  • Doesn’t project brand confidence, and often makes businesses seem small scale

Websites boost brand awareness, customer confidence and allow you to know your customers with google analytics. We have website packages that suit all budgets; contact Ionic today for more information about our services!


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