Google Analytics – A must for all website owners!

Google Analytics – Free insights into your customer base, understand who your customers are, what they are interested in and connect with them better.

To get started –

  • Sign in with your google account
  • Follow the initial registration process
  • Setup a small bit of code on your website – This can seem daunting but there are tools and guides to help with this.
  • Verify your site is connected in settings
  • Wait for the data to build up

WordPress users, there’s now an even easier way to get started with google analytics thanks to google’s new WordPress plugin Google Site Kit. Simply install this plugin and follow the easy setup steps and begin to make your analytics data work for you and your business.

Ionic can assist with setup, management and interpretation of google analytics to help you plan marketing/advertising in the future. #analytics #seo #belfast #startup#website #selfhelp #smallbusiness#entrepreneur

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