Simple answer:


But then I would say that wouldnt I, but in all seriousness, I get asked this A LOT!

Advantages of Facebook compared to a Website:

  • Free
  • Built in appointments and messaging system
  • Ease of use, people are already familiar with facebook’s interface

Disadvantages of Facebook compared to a Website:

  • Every facebook business page looks the same, its very hard to stand out in the market
  • Limited editing ability
  • Relies on clients and customers finding you and liking your page 
  • Slow build up of customer base
  • Heavily regulated by Facebook as to what content can be posted or advertised on their platform
  • Doesn’t project brand confidence, and often makes businesses seem small scale

Ask yourself when you want to part with your money for something you’ve seen on Facebook – you’ll nearly always look for their website to make sure they are reputable.

Websites boost #brandawareness #brandconfidenceand allow you to know your customers with google analytics.

Our website packages start from just £250, why not contact Ionic to see how we can help you with a website package to suit any budget! #startup #belfast#businessowner #homebusiness

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