How Do I Rank Better on Google?

It’s a question as a web developer I get asked time and time again – “How do I rank better on google?” Inn this blog piece I want to discuss some of the fundamentals of starting to build a good SEO foundation and I will be following this up with more SEO tips and tricks in the future.

Are you tired of your website sitting at the bottom of search engine results pages (SERPS)? If so, it’s time to do something about it. There are several strategies you can use to help you climb SERPS and increase organic traffic to your site. While there are hundreds of factors that can influence your Google ranking, some need greater attention than others.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the aspects you need to do right now to help your website rank better on Google:

How Do I Use keywords to rank better on google?

Identify and integrate target keywords that relate to each page of your website as part of your search engine optimisation strategy. Over time, these are the words and phrases you will start to rank for – so they need to be relevant to your audience’s needs. Firstly, think about the questions that a user may be typing into search engines, and secondly, use a keyword research tool to identify which keywords your website should be ranking for.

Here are some of the factors that determine the best keywords for ranking:

  • How often the keyword is searched on Google
  • The relevance to your business niche and brand
  • How difficult it is to compete with similar businesses when ranking for a specific keyword

At Ionic Creative Design we can provide you with a list of the top volume keywords in your sector using our premium SEO software SEranking

Publish quality content For SEO

Towards the end of 2022, Google endured a significant ‘helpful content’ update to enable users were seeing content that was related to what they were searching for.

Quality content that is relevant to your target audience’s queries is the key to driving organic search engine rankings. Therefore, AI copywriting software should NOT be relied upon when it comes to writing blogs, landing pages, and other forms of content.

Google’s latest update means that websites consistently relying on automated content will be heavily penalised, as opposed to incorporating fresh, unique content that is written by a human – for humans. In this regard, it would be highly advised to hire a professional SEO Shrewsbury copywriter to devise relevant content related to your website that not only presents you as an expert in the field but will enhance your search ranking in the long run.  

Optimise SEO content to rank better on google

While quality content is key to boosting your search engine position, it can only go so far without optimising each page for Google. Ultimately, you need to inform Google what your page is about as part of its ranking strategy. This can be achieved with strategies such as:

  • Keeping titles short (between 135-159 characters)
  • Create meta descriptions with the keyword included
  • Use targeted anchor texts

Hire a web developer & SEO Expert

Did you know that working with a professional web developer could significantly improve your SEO ranking? Google favours websites that are speedy and mobile-friendly, An outdated website may be the reason why you have noticed a drastic drop in SEO success, leaving the opportunity for competitors to secure the top spot.

Additionally, the images you integrate into your website could be another factor as to why you have slipped down the ranks. Stock images should be avoided at all costs. You need high-quality and unique images that matches your content and enables your website to stand out amongst the competition. A professional SEO Telford specialist web developer such as Ionic Creative Design is a specialist in analysing website performance and making the relevant changes to propel your site to the top of SERPS.


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