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Did you know, you could save yourself over 10-15 hours per month on average with a managed social media package

Investing in a managed digital marketing strategy and plan is a wise move for any business. At Ionic we offer a fully managed system from an experienced digital marketing team who are there to give you back the time that you presently use on social media, email campaigns and much more.  This is time that can be then spent on other areas of the business or life in general.


Digital Marketing #MadeSimple

  • We schedule one phone or video meeting per month to discuss your marketing strategy for the upcoming month.
  • We gather and create the content for you.
  • We research the best hashtags and platforms to suit your needs.
  • We provide you with the proposed posts ahead of posting for sign off and final edits.
  • We post to the relevant platforms at the time of day we think will best suit your target market.
  • We then provide you with the data from your marketing plan at the end of the month.

Fully Managed Digital Marketing

Take the stress out of Social Media, Email campaigns, Analytics and get Results

Social Media Can Be a Powerful Tool - When Used Correctly

Social media is your way for your business to directly interact and communicate your message to your clients or customers.  It should also be viewed as a way for those same customers and clients to interact and communicate with you.

Having a clear branded social media voice is critical, these business social media accounts aren’t like personal accounts and it’s important to separate the two. 

You should have a social media plan in place: How often are you going to post? Where will you post? What times? What content will be used? What is the overarching message I want to share – and this should be reviewed on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Backing Your Social Media Plan with Statistics

Google Analytics is a free resource which can track how well your social media marketing is promoting your website or online business.  It is installed using some HTML code, this comes installed as standard on all Ionic created websites and is added into any social media marketing packages. Installing analytics is the easy part, interpretting the results that it gives you is much more complex.  That is why at Ionic you get monthly analytics reports included in maintenance and social media packages to show you how well your website and business interests are performing.  We then use this data to direct social media marketing to the most cost effective channels and streams.

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