Website Speed – How do I know how my website is performing? Why should I care?

Website speed is an important consideration when looking at creating your website.  You want to strike that balance of having a flash website with lots of rich flowing advanced content, but something that loads quickly and has all the information they need on-site–without waiting for supplemental pages or PDFs from external sources.

Most websites that dont load within a few seconds, some would argue within a single second will lose customers and clients.  We live in an age where people want information NOW and no longer want to see spinning loading discs or blank screens when they click a link.

You can assess your website for free using google page speed or GTmetrix.

Step 1: Check your speed here for free with google: GTmetrix:
Step 2: Analyse results from speed test – correct what you can
Step 3: Consider a cache system from your site
Step 4: Remove unused plugins

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