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Negative Equity UK was founded by Phil Davison and Tom Cardwell. Back in 2011 Phil and Tom realised that they had property debt challenges of their own. They sought professional advice but couldn’t find a credible, authorised and experienced entity to assist, so they set up their own.

They’ve built our expert team and our business around our clients and their needs. Our expert team have completed over 35,000 debt settlements and consists of professionals from the following business sectors:

  • Banking
  • Accountancy
  • Insolvency
  • Property / Asset Management
  • Financial Advice

For this build we opted for a wordpress website with interactive features, light weight animations and the primary focus was to be informative and highly converting.



What can I say? Gareth is a brilliant guy, great service, great value and some unexpected but excellent business introductions. Terrific.

Tom Cardwell

Negative Equity UK | Ionic Creative Design
Negative Equity UK | Ionic Creative Design
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